Private Limited Company

With the world's ever expanding global marketplace and the current trend for companies to outsource, moving goods quickly and efficiently utilizing Customs Brokerage services is a critical part of any successful supply chain solution. Spot-CustomsBrokerage-1Our in-house customs brokerage personnel can prepare import and export documents in accordance with Customs regulations, laws and procedures, offer counsel regarding commodity, tax rates and duties, import and export restrictions, and other concerns, and arrange payments for taxes, storage, duties, freight, bonds and other incurred expenses. At TLS Freight Forwarding, we integrate your Customs requirements into a broader supply chain solution that's supported by our operations team. In-house brokers focus on the accurate and timely processing of all shipments to ensure goods in transit are moving smoothly and efficiently from point to point.

Customer Service

Whether it's providing on-line documentation and visibility 24/7, proactive notification, or staying abreast of new regulations, our Customer Support Associate can help you find the answer.

What we offer:


  • • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ)
  • • Bounded & Unbounded
  • • Documentation
  • • Import Clearance
  • • Bond Processing

Value-Added Services

  • • Tariff Classification
  • • Duty Drawback
  • • Trade Compliance & Consulting
  • • FTA
  • • In-bond
  • • Periodic Monthly Statements (PMS)
  • • Landed Cost Calculation